Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Losing weight... what a pain in the ... you know what !

Oh well, last week I was all happy 'coz I had lost 2,4 lbs. Yeh ! But this week, I'm a bit sadder. How could I say that in other words ? I'm totally pissed off ! Pissed off at myself, pissed off about everything !
People around me AREN'T big... not at all. My best friend has the perfect body, perfect curves...and she's not happy ! It's just so fuckin' ironic sometimes. I'm not angry at her, it just irritates me to see people who are almost fat-free and complain that they have love handles. You wanna see my love handles ? Actually, they are not love handles anymore, they've grown into a huge Michelin tire.
Anyway... these people around me try and desperately try to help me with their words.
They tell me that I should eat this or I should eat that, that I shouldn't eat this and especially not that ! That's always TOO MUCH !!!
Although I do exercises 4 times a week, at 45 minutes to 1:15 every day, I should do more ! More more more !!! It's never enough...
Is this ironic or what ?
Our speaker tonight, Francine at MINCAVI, told us that we can lose 500 calories at having sex! Well, I'm telling you that I'll put this in action next time I see my man !!!
Our speaker also talked about 4 STEPS to succeed in our weight loss:
  1. Define my objective. I should think about only ONE objective. Something like: I need to lose 10 more pounds and I'll fit in this dress. Or, I need to wear these jeans before the summer. Although it's good to have an objective in numbers (final weight), it's better to wait around the end of our period of weight loss.
  2. Motivation. I need to think about something that will motivate myself to lose the weight. For example, a picture of myself when I was thinner and a picture of myself at my highest weight.(see the picture) That something to think about ! Another example would be, to write down my daily menu. I could also think about the fact that I feel much better now that I don't eat junk food. And finally, every time I have clothes that are too big, I should just get rid of them.
  3. Organize myself so that it finally works. I should not buy any more junk food such as chips and chocolate... (especially that brown, sweet and cocoa-taste bar) . I should have carrots ready to eat, in case I crave for something ''usually'' sweet.
  4. Integrate new habits. Why am I going to MINCAVI every Wednesday ? I go there to get good eating habits. Slowly, day after day, I integrate new ways of eating so that it becomes good habits.

These 4 steps, I shall remember them.

To get that into my mind is much more important than just doing it !

WILLINGNESS is not only a word that is worth a lot of points in Scrabble, but it's something I should put my mind to it...everyday.

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