Monday, May 15, 2006

Big Brother is Back !

Oh my God! Oh my God !!! I'm all excited. I just went on CBS website and noticed that BigBrother is back !!!
Survivor-Panama is finished... now it's time for Big Brother !!! ooooohhhh yeah !!!
Big Brother 7 is going to be an ALL-STARS season. Wow ! It's going to be great ! I can't wait to see the 20 candidates who are going to take place in the luxurious loft. Last summer's season was sooooo hot, that I really expect a lot from this season. Being the ALL-STARS BB, it should be good, reallllllllly good !
I wonder if kaysar, Janelle and Howie (BB6), twin sisters Adria and Nathalie, Marvin, Holly and Michael (BB5), Erika, Dana and Jun (BB4), Marcellas, Danielle and Gerry (BB3), Hardy, Shannon and Mike (BB2)... For those from the BB1, I don't remember them, and there is no website on the BB1.
So, Wednesday, June 21 at 8pm, don't forget the new season of
Big Brother 7 - All-Stars !!!
Viewers will vote for their favourites and the next show,
which will be held on July 6, we will discover who did America vote for.
It should be a wonderful summer again...


Mylee said...

la blonde en haut dans le milieu a l'aire à avoir ue plusieur chérurgie ou avoir eu du botox juste avant la photo.... beurk

Anne-Julie said...

OUAIS, et elle ne s'est pas cachée pour le dire non plus. Elle était dans le Big Brother de l'été dernier. C'était ma préférée. Au début, je me suis dit: Elle sera BLOND-BIMBO (conne), mais au contraire, elle s'est avérée très intelligente et avait beaucoup de stratégies. Elle a été une des concurrentes les PLUS AIMÉES dans tous les Big Brother qui ont existés !!!
Go Janelle Go .... (même avec son sillicone!!!) ahahaha

Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

Mylee said...

J'ai oblier de te dire que j'adore les fraises

Anne-Julie said...

Thanx anonyme.... that's great to have comments like that ;-)