Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Strike a Pose !

Some people have asked me for recent pictures of myself. Well, there I am in all kinds of poses.

Ahahaha... some of my students will say that I'm a ''poser''...

- Do you really think that ?

- I would say so. I love to take pictures and I especially love to pose for the camera. In this montage, all the pictures have been taken by ... ME ! hahaha

Next time, I'll take pictures of my friends, family... and maybe you... yes, you, Students !

Have a GOOF day !
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jea said...

ouh non pas les photos de quand on faisait les jeuuuuuux! lol stune joke. on va rire de la gueule du monde, on va les imprimer pis les afficher dans les couloir en chantant teacher's pet :D

Anne-Julie said...


jeanne said...


weeell, weell.