Friday, June 22, 2007

Pirate Master - Episode 4

I didn't get to watch the whole show last night. I had guests at home, but I went upstairs to tape...the last 30 minutes. For what I've watched, it was pretty good again. The red team found the treasure. They decided on a Captain, and they chose Louie - the Viking look-alike.(picture below). Then Louie chose his officers: Nessa and Sean.
A piece of paper was found in the treasure which could give ''immunity'' to the person on the block. The people who thought that they would be put on the block, had to bid an amount of money (that they actually won in the last three episodes). The highest bid received immunity.
So, after talking among themselves, the Captain and his officers chose three crew members to put on the ''block''. They were Azmyth, Cheryl and Joe Don. They did their lil' speech and then, there was the vote. Joe Don had bidden higer than anyone else (Joe Don who had kept a large amount of money at his first time as a captain). Therefore, Joe Don saved himself - however he had no votes against him. So, it was between Cheryl and Azmyth. The person who was voted out last night was Cheryl. (picture below)

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