Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Brother 8

Last night was the Premiere of Big Brother 8 ! I watched Julie Chen present the 14 houseguests. This season, there's a twist which was revealed last night. At first, there were only 11 houseguests in. But what they didn't know was that there were 3 other houseguests in the diary room watching their every move, listening to them and waiting for Chen's signal to walk down to the living room and meet them. These three people are ''rivals''. They are there because they have unfinished business with a houseguest. So, when they came downstairs, it was pretty obvious that these three (or 6) were going to ruin each other's summer!!!
I don't know if you remember what I wrote about the houseguests at the beginning of the week. I couldn't tell who was going to be like this or that... but after last night's episode, I can tell you a couple of things.
Here's what I wrote earlier:

'' Something that
we can already say
about the hosueguests
is that there will
probably be
one homosexual,
one bimbo cheerleader,
one jock,
one musician,
one Pilates or yoga instructor
and one really annoying voice!!!''

Here's what I noticed.

1. I wrote that there would be one homosexual, well, actually there are two gay men: Joe and Dustin. These two are rivals. They used to go out together and after splitting up, Joe destroyed Dustin's friends circle. I can't stand Joe.

2. As for the bimbo cheerleader, well, maybe we should divide it in two. There's a bimbo and a cheerleader. The bimbo is Jen and the cheerleader is Jessica. Oh! and believe it or not, Jessica's got also the annoying voice!!! Moreover, Jessica has a rival in the house: Carol. An old high school dispute has put these two girls in the house. I can't stand Jessica.

3. As for the musician, well we don't know yet. However, there's a guy in the house who looks like a rock star: Evil Dick. I'm just writing that because Dick has tattoos all over his arms. Dick has some kind of rival in the house: Daniele. Daniele hasn't spoken to Dick-her father- for the past two years. When she saw her father walking in the living room, she didn't quite act happy.

4. For the jocks, there should be a couple of'em. The first one that we are sure is a jock is Nick. WoW! Nick is gorgeous and a former pro football player! He's 25 years old. Nick's my favourite. Mike also looks like a jock, but we haven't seen him in action yet.

5. As for the Pilates instructor, we haven't seen it either.
HOH competition:

There was a team of two competition. They were all paired-up except for Nick (snif snif). What was funny in this competition is that Eric was trying to throw the competition, but he kept answer the questions correctly and his partner Kail and him won the competition. After that, the three houseguests who hadn't played (Dick, Jessica and Dustin), they had to decide between Eric and Kail. They decided that Kail was going to be the HOH for the week. What Kail didn't seem to realize is that the first week being HOH is the worst, because you have to choose two persons to be on the chopping block - two persons you don't even know! Anyway, we'll see what happens next Sunday!
Here's my favourite - NICK:

Don't miss BB8's next episode Sunday at 8pm on CBS.

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