Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Brother 8

Last week's HoH : Kail

Last week's nominations: CAROL and AMBER.
Last week's winner of the PoV : Daniele (didn't use it)
First person evicted of the house : CAROL.

This week's HoH : Jen

This week's nominations: Evil Dick and daughter Daniele.

(Not shown on tv yet, but according to the feeders on the recaps here,

Daniele won the PoV for the second week in a row(Yeah!)
and saved herself.
Are we in the presence of another
like Janelle from the past shows???

So, Jen put Joe on the block against Evil Dick).

I really hope Joe's going to get his @ss kicked out of the house.

My favourite houseguest is still Nick...

check out what I found on the net... Nick in his football uniform....

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sambuka said...

wow! what a hottie !!