Friday, July 20, 2007

Big Brother 8

After a week of some turbulence, Joe was finally the the second person evicted of the Big Brother 8 house. I was pretty happy to see him go, since he was against Evil Dick, a guy who likes to stir things up! So, that's it for Joe, the receptionist from Chicago.

Right after the Live Eviction last night, there was also the Live HoH Competition. After about 10 questions about what happened in the house in the last weeks, Evil Dick won the title. Imagine! He was on the chopping block last week, and now, he's going to be the one who puts people on the block ! Yeah! This week's competitions and nominations should bring some mixed emotions. That's gonna be fun! Here's what Evil Dick looks like:

Now, in the next episodes, there will be the nominations (Sunday @ 8pm) - the PoV competition (Tuesday @ 9pm) and then, next Thursday (@8pm), the third eviction night.

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