Monday, July 02, 2007

Pirate Master - episode 5

I was away for a couple of days, but I had taped Pirate Master. I watched it last night. Pretty good episode once again. Here's a recap of episode 5.
The crew that won the treasure also won 40 000$. So, 20 000$ went to Pirate Master  New CBS Reality Show - Pirate Masterthe new Captain Asmyth, 10 000$ went to both Officers Ben and Jay and the 10 000$ left went to the rest of this crew.
At this time in the episode, all the crew members started to bid some of their money (for the Royal Pardon) to save their @$$es in case they were nominated. Then, came the time when Asmyth nominated three persons on the block. They were: Louie, Laurel and Sean.
After trying to prove that they didn't deserve to be kicked out, everyone voted... Laurel didn't have a vote, but Louie and Sean did. So now it depended on if one of the two boys had won the Royal Pardon. Nessa, who had received some money from Sean and who thought she'd be put on the block had the highest bid. Then, Sean had the most votes and was cut adrift. Here's a picture of Sean:

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