Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Advertisement suck big time!

We just started August... we're not even in the middle of summer, and they are already advertising school supply. What the hell is that ? Aren't you tired of that? Let us live our vacations and bug us with school supply later in August... when I mean later, it's like 16-17th of this month.
I find it discouraging to see these ads. Even worst, you see parents tired of their why not buy them school furniture so that they can shut up and leave them alone. It's like scaring the hell out of them with school! School isn't scary! Why do we want to promote that? I find it stupid!
Once school will be started, it's going to be Halloween ads and sales, and on November 1, it's going to be Christmas ads and songs, then Valentine's Day ... etc. It's like a never-ending-events advertisement.
Have a good day everyone
and let's enjoy our summer... like the way it's meant to be!

I hadn't bitch on anything for a while... I had to do it!


Frank said...

Chu bin d'accord avec toi sis... imagine je tombe en vacances (me suis pas fait mal) et on annonce deja le retour à l'école donc le retour au travail pour moi... POche en titi... Surtout va pas au Costco ca l'air que les décorations de Noel sont sorties


Anonymous said...

Vous avez bien raison les enfants.... c'est débile les publicités .
Profitez de vos vacances
On vous aime xxxxx