Sunday, August 19, 2007

Big Brother 8

Well, last Thursday was evictio night at the Big Brother house and I forgot to come on here and tell you the result. DICK was saved by the houseguests and DUSTIN was sent home! (Actually he's not home, he's in the sequester part of the jury).
Right after eviction, there was the HOH competition and believe it or not... DANIELE won!


Tonight was Nomination Night and Daniele had to put two persons on the block... These 2 persons are: Amber and Jameka.


I actually want JAMEKA to be voted out, but I think Dani's strategy is to backdoor JEN which is not too bad either. As for Amber, she's not a threat at all... she's quite useless in the game play...but they'll have to vote her out before she gets to Final 4. We'll see what she does on Tuesday 9pm.

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