Sunday, August 26, 2007

Big Brother 8

Last week was some week in the BB8 House! Dani was HOH. First of all, she put Amber and Jameka up on the block. Six players took part of the Power of Veto competition (except Jen) and Dani won it. Well, good because that was the plan... to backdoor the b!tch Jen! Dani used the POV on Amber and replaced her nomination with Jen. After all kinds of drama in the house that Jen caused, Jen was voted out by a 6-0 vote! YEAH!


After the eviction, there was the HOH competition. At the end of the comp, it was between Dick and Jessica. I really wanted Dick to win, but Jess actually did!

Tonight was nomination night and Jessica put Zack and Amber up on the block. According to the updates of BB8, Eric won the POV and will probably keep Jess's noms intact.

HOH = Jessica

POV = Eric
I really like this picture...

which shows that the Alliance between Jessica, Eric, Dick and Daniele is really going on!!!


Next Thursday, at 8pm, there will be two houseguests - DANIELE and AMBER at Drew Carey game show POWER OF 10. This should be fun to watch.

Right after the game show, we should be able to see the sequester house where Jen joined Dustin...waiting for BB8 to end!

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