Wednesday, August 22, 2007


  • You grind your coffee beans in your mouth

  • You sleep with your eyes open

  • You have to watch videos in fast-forward

  • The only time you're standing still is during an earthquake

  • You can take a picture of yourself from ten feet away without using the timer

  • You've worn out your third pair of tennis shoes this week

  • Your eyes stay open when you sneeze

  • You chew on other people's fingernails

  • The nurse needs a scientific calculator to take your pulse

  • You can type sixty words per minute with your feet

  • You can jump-start your car without cables

  • You don't swet, you percolate

  • You walk twenty miles on your treadmill before you realize it's not plugged in

  • You forget to unwrap candy bars before eating them

  • You've built a miniature city out of little plastic stirrers

  • Instant coffee takes too long

  • Your channel surf faster without a remote

  • You have a picture of your coffee mug on your coffee mug

  • You short out motion detectors

  • You don't even wait for the water to boil anymore

  • You help your dog chase its tail

  • You soak your dentures in coffee overnight

  • Your first-aid kit contains two pints of coffee with an I.V. hookup

  • You get a speeding ticket even when you're parked

  • You answer the door before people knock.


I'm NOT a coffee drinker, but I thought this was really funny. I had this in an old book and I thought it would be fun to retype it for you.


So...are YOU addicted to coffee ? If yes, give me your reason.

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Anonymous said...

Salut Anne-Julie!
Je suis accro au café! Chez nous, c'est un vrai rituel la préparation du café... un luxe!! Par contre, j'en ai à peu près pour une couple d'année (grossesse+allaitement...) à boire du décaféiné... Ouach!! Le minou a bien fait rire Félix!
Josée M. xxx