Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Big Brother 8

And the winner is..........
D I C K ! ! !
Dick had 5 votes against 2 (for Daniele)
Dick wins $ 500 000 !!!
Runner-up is Dick's daughter DANIELE
She wins $ 50 000
Here's a picture of the whole house...
starting from the left...
Jameka, Jessica, Kail, Daniele, Mike, Zach, Eric, Jen, Amber, Joe, Dustin, Dick, Carol and Nick.

Here are our final 2 houseguests: Dick and Daniele

What a great summer I had ...watching this reality show. It was awesome. For the first time, I got to meet people who share the same interest as me : Big Brother ! We'd meet on the net, everyday, calling each other by our nickname (mine was AJ_loves_hockey). I actually had the chance to express myself with these BB fanatics. I don't quite have this opportunity with my friends here at home - they don't really like reality shows - or just plain English tv programs. So, anyways, I look forward to the next Big Brother 9... next summer.

By the way, these pictures in this post were taken from the BB8dish blog. Thanks !

I'm sad that BB is over... but I'm actually really happy that Dick won it all!

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kitkat said...

Hi AJ!!!!

I watched BB too and I was very happy to see Dick win. He did Daniele's dirty jobs! I think this season was awesome! Lots of crazy people in that house! It was so funny to see their face when Eric revealed he was playing for America!!!hahahaha I'm looking forward to BB9!!!

Take care!