Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Music to CURE a bad day!

here are some songs I HAD to listen to when I came back from school today. What a long and bad day!!!

Now, just listen to these songs and pump up your volume. You'll see, you'll forget your bad moments of the day... anyway I did !
Feel the slow start of this song...then just move your head to it...

Then, scream out of your lungs...aaaahhha aahhh ahhhahahah THUNDER!!!

Also, you can jump up and down and sing out loud this one!

Keep on jumping ...

Finally, lay down on the couch and just meditate on this slow song!
Aren't you better now ? I am ! And music is part of my remedy!


Rosie said...

Formidable ton médicament Bravo

Frank said...

Des méchantes bonnes tounes !!!