Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oprah's Favourite Things 2007

This afternoon, I watched the Oprah Show. It was a special one, because everybody in the audience actually left with $ 7500 worth of gifts. WoW!!! The show took place in a little southern town called Macon in Georgia (check out the map below). Why Macon ? Because they have been the most loyal viewers of the Oprah Show since the beginning of the show.
So, before the show started, the people in the audience (all from Macon) didn't know it was the Oprah's Favourite Things Show! Imagine how they reacted when Oprah announced them about the show! They were completely H-Y-S-T-E-R-I-C-A-L!!! Then, Oprah said: ''Let's Get This Party Starteddddddd!!!''

Let me list the things they received :
  1. Samsung Progressive H.D.camcorder --- $ 800
  2. Ugg's Australian Classic (one pair of boots) --- $ 120
  3. Toy Watch --- $ 150
  4. Kai loofa --- $ 28
  5. Claus Porto Jumbo Soap (set of 3) --- $ 42
  6. Book: Pillars of the Earth (signed by the author Ken Follet) --- $ 25
  7. LG refrigerator (HD tv,dvd,weather...) --- $3799
  8. L.A. designer Rachel Pally ---pants --- $194
  9. Combined edition of O magazine autographed by Oprah herself --- $ 30
  10. CD of Josh Groban's Christmas Carols --- $ 17
  11. Hallmark red wrapping paper and red cards --- $ ?
That show was a great one. I caught myself crying of joy just by watching these people receive so many gifts. Oprah is such a wonderful person. No wonder why she's the most influential woman in the USA. She's got lots of money and she's giving a lot of it to the people - building schools in Africa - distributing gifts to people.
You gotta luv Oprah!!!

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Anonymous said...

whowwwwwwwwwww quelle description très bien fait.
Moi j'ai regardé l'émission et c'était vraiment "SPECIAL" de voir tous ces gens si heureux !
Oprah elle l'a l'affaire.