Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tonight I went through my stuff and discovered...

Mary J Blige singing with Bono (U2) - the song : ONE
The Corrs singing that great slow and depressing song from REM:
Everybody Hurts
and that song by the Fugees that I used to sing all the time with my friend Anita
Killing Me Softly
I just love that song!
Great memories...
Just Chill


Anita Harris said...

Hey AJ!
What a coincidence! I got this e-mail from you (about all the organizing you did in your "cave" LOL) and I saw a link to your blog. So, I decided to visit it and I came across this post and saw my name there...The funny thing is: I was listening to my OLD Fugees CD last week and was thinking about all those times and driving around and chillin with you! I even downloaded "Puddin Tame"!! LOL
En tout cas, ça fait longtemps en
$%*%!! J'habite à Ottawa maintenant...depuis 2 ans et demi. J'enseigne dans un lycée français (Lycée Claudel) au secondaire et j'adore ça! Tout va bien! Je suis super heureuse! Et toi, comment ça va?
I'd love to hear from ya again girl! Remember Dominic...LOLOLOLOL

Anita Harris said...

P.S. I forgot to mention:

-Happy Belated Birthday!

-Madison will be 10 (!!!) in a little over a week...where has all the time gone!?