Thursday, July 09, 2009

Big Brother 11

There's a new season of Big Brother that is starting tonight on CBS. It's actually the eleventh season of this reality show where you have a bunch of people coming from eclectic background.
If you wish to see the picture of the new house guests and read their biography, click here.
There's also a link where Julie Chen shows us the new house. The walls are made of recycled bottles and other material. It's quite environment friendly! When you click on the link, there'll be a 15-second commercial... wait!
It starts tonight (Thursday) at 8pm. Wooooohoooo!!! I can't wait to see the funky, crazy, quiet and wild people - the cheating, the bitching and the alliances - and of course all the challenges. I'll be watching very carefully and I'll also be taking notes during that first episode where they present the new house guests. (yeah! you read right, I'll be taking notes!)
Don't miss it !!!

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Frank said...

jai hate de voir les photos de BC

bro XX