Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Vrak = Crap

I've been wanting to write this post about this sh!tty tv. channel for the past weeks. When my boyfriend's daughter is at home, the only channel she watches is Vrak. It is so crappy - I mean, there are so many translated tv programs on it like One Tree Hill, Raven, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Zoey 101, Gossip Girls........ just to name a few. These tv shows are good ones in English, but translated, it becomes .... pathetic.
There are some French shows on Vrak - thank God for these poor young actors in Québec! I mean, why not make our OWN shows here in Quebec?
This is not only Vrak's specialty, but also Musique Plus, TQS and TVA. What's up with all those translated shows? Extreme Makeover, Prison Break, House, Criminal Minds, CSI, Lipstick Jungle, That's 70s Show, Pimp my Ride, Wipeout.......... and so many more. OMG! I'm getting pissed off now..... I shouldn't!!! Ahahaha!!! I'll go back to my tv and watch the original shows on CBS, ABC and Fox!!!

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Cynthia B. Demented said...

I hear you! And when it's not a translated version of the show, it's a total ripoff. Why can we be original? I can count on my hands the few original show Quebec had to this day...