Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This summer's BIG BROTHER winner is......

I cannot say that she was my favourite at the beginning. I have to admit that Russelicious was. He was a strong player (physically and mentally) with quite a perfect body. but, when he got evicted, I didn't really have a favourite. I just had people I DIDN'T want to win - such as kevin and Natalie.
The final two were Jordon and Natalie and the jury actually voted 5-2 for Jordon to win. I was on the chat (4-3) with my BB friends and the chat was going so fast with comments such as: ''YAY JORDO! GO JORDO! She deserved to win over nat. I hate nat! So happy for Jordon....'' and so forth.
So, that's the conclusion of Big Brother 11. It was a great season, once again. I got to watch the feeds 24/7 on the net and 3 episodes a week.
Now, it's time for Survivor. Starting this Thursday at 8pm on CBS.
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