Friday, February 19, 2010

Tweety bird

I have a student in my class that I started calling Tweety Bird. I mean, he keeps whisteling in class when he's working on a project and it's so annoying. Sometimes people whistle in the stores, at the doctor's office and I have to tell you that it's one of the most irritating sound of all.

Why do they whistle ? I guess they just can't sing!

Why do they have to do it in public ? Maybe it's uncounscious!

Anyway, it sure gets on my nerves!
What about you ? How do you react when people whistle ? How does that make you feel ?


Cynthia B. Demented said...

I concur, it is an annoying noise. And it's even more irritating to me because I can't whistle to piss them off too, hahaha!

Anne-Julie said...

Another thing that irritates me in the whisteling (that I forgot to mention) is that most of the time, they are so OUT OF TUNE!!! arrgh!!!

take care Cynthia! Have a good weekend! xx <3

Anonymous said...

oh yah !!
My God je ne peux supporter quelqu'un qui siffle oh non non....
Egalement quelqu'un avec un cure-dent dans la bouche.. ( chu pas capable )ça me donne des nausées.


taijanayland said...

Lol I love tweety bird but the whisteling do be getting me mad.!