Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who said....

Last night, I started watching curling at the Olympics. Shhh... shhh.... I can hear you say: 'Oh! come on AJ, that's a stupid sport' or 'they're all boring people with their brooms'. Well, I have to prove you wrong here. There are quite some cute men in this competition. I told you before that Tiger Woods and Camilo Villegas were the hotties for golf (a sport that most people find the least sexy), well, here are the hotties for curling.
One guy is from Canada and the other is from Norway. From Canada, we have John Morris (31 years old) . Here he is:
And from Norway, there's Thomas Ulsrud (38 years old), here in pictures:

Besides cutie Ulsrud, this curling team from Norway is quite fashionable. Check out their pants. Last night though, their pants were another diamond-like colour.
This is a round Robin tournament. Team Canada curling won against Germany last night and is playing again next Thursday at 12 Eastern time, against Sweden. As for our fashionable Norwegians, they lost against team USA last night, but will be playing their next game against Germany same date, same time as Team Canada.
I suggest you take a look!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Tu ne le croiras jamais.

Moi-même, j'ai écouté le Curling lorsque les femmes jouaient.
Je m'attendais à ce qu'elles soient plus âgées que ça.

Je me suis même surpris à penser que ça devait être le fun à jouer. :O
Ça y est, je deviens « crazy ».

Djo-Djo. ;)