Monday, March 08, 2010

New Shot glasses

I have now 137 shooters, because during my Spring Break vacation, I bought 3 new shot glasses at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachussetts. Here are the pictures of these new glasses:
Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics
Hall of Fame
My dear cousin asked me to take pictures of my collection. So here it is - the whole collection and also shots of it shelf by shelf:
So, there it is! It's a little bit crowded in there, so I might buy another cabinet for my next shot glasses.


Anonymous said...

Très belle collection...


Frank said...

hall of fame au Massachussetts ??? kossé tu faisais là ?

Anonymous said...

Salut ma chère petite cousine,

wow! c'est super impressionnant... c'est cool!

De quoi faire un méchant party!

Merci j'ai hâte de voir cela en vrai, bisou

Romi Alex said...

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