Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crazy weather

Last week, we had quite a big thunderstorm - with lightning and stuff. I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to film a little bit of it. Here are the videos:

Late this afternoon, when I got back from Sherbrooke, I thought the weather was a bit foggy. I was wondering when the storm was going to hit, but my parents made me realize that it was not really foggy, but rather smoky.
We actually have smoke and the smell that goes with it coming from up north... Those forest fires are ravaging near LaTuque which is a little bit more than 4 hours away from here. This smell is very bad and it's actually killing my throat (if I stay outside too long). I can't imagine people in La Tuque, Shawinigan, Trois-Rivières or Québec who probably have to smell a stronger smoke than we are here. Let's pray from some rain up there, 'coz this is quite alarming.

Here are a couple of pictures I took when I got home earlier.

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