Saturday, June 12, 2010

Like I promised

Let me present you my dear friend Jonathan. Jonathan is a student I had last year. He is sweet, funny and very sociable. Last year, we had a blast in class and it seems like this year, we're having even more fun. I see Jonathan before his different classes and he always has something to say. He's a very interesting young man.
About 2 weeks ago, Jonathan asked me to get a picture with him. So yesterday, I brought my camera to school and Sarah took a picture. I wanted to be next to my famous monkey in my classroom. Here we are:
Wink Jonathan!!!
I told you I was going to write about you ;-)


Anonymous said...

The picture's very nice! 8D
You're the better teacher I ever had. You're a wonderful person and I really appreciate you! I like to speak with you, we can talk about everything and it's always funny.

AJ, stay like you are!

I hope that you will have a group of secondary 5 and that I will be in. Otherwise, I will have to go to see you between my classes like this year. ahah.

I say a big THANK YOU for the article. It is pretty! :)

p.s : If you accept, I would like put this picture on Facebook. It would be the "profil image".

Jonathan « Djo-Djo » Beaudoin. ;)

Anne-Julie said...

no problem for your profile pic on FB ;-)

take care
Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

And I can see that you are a very good english teacher... Josee xx