Sunday, December 19, 2010

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything is a Janelle Brown's novel which I took too many months to finish.  I started it last April and couldn't really get into it then. And people kept telling me about that Eat Pray Love book. That I should read it - that it would change my life and all. So, I put Janelle Brown's novel aside and started reading Eat Pray Love. 
Well, I have to admit that I didn't quite get into it either. I couldn't find that 'thing' that people kept telling me about.  So 3 weeks ago, I noticed the All We Ever Wanted Was Everything book on the table in the living room. I picked it up and started reading it from where I had started, and I really enjoyed it. Isn't this weird? Anyway, I don't know if it's because all the tv programs are over for the Christmas holidays, but I couldn't put the book down. I went to sleep really late these last weeks just because I liked the book so much.
Here's a little summary:
When Paul Miller’s pharmaceutical company goes public, making his family IPO millionaires, his wife, Janice, is sure this is the windfall she’s been waiting years for — until she learns, via messengered letter, that her husband is divorcing her (for her tennis partner!) and cutting her out of the new fortune. Meanwhile, four hundred miles south in Los Angeles, the Millers' older daughter, Margaret, has been dumped by her newly famous actor boyfriend and left in the lurch by an investor who promised to revive her fledgling postfeminist magazine. Sliding toward bankruptcy and dogged by creditors, she flees for home where her younger sister Lizzie, 14, is struggling with problems of her own. Formerly chubby, Lizzie has been enjoying her newfound popularity until some bathroom graffiti alerts her to the fact that she’s become the school slut.

The three Miller women retreat behind the walls of their Georgian colonial to wage battle with divorce lawyers, debt collectors, drug-dealing pool boys, mean girls, country-club ladies, their own demons, and one another, and in the process they become achingly sympathetic characters we can’t help but root for—even as the world they live in epitomizes everything wrong with the American Dream. Exhilarating, addictive, and superbly accomplished, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything is an original, utterly modern addition to the genre of suburban fiction.
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It's quite interesting to read about these three generations of women.  The traditional ideal mom staying at home, the almost-30-year-old daughter who had everything on a silver platter but managed to mess it up when leaving from home, and then there's a young teenager who has her deal of troubles: worries of fitting in, losing weight, having sexual experiences and idolizing Hollywood stars.
I really liked the book, even if it left me hungry for more. I mean, I have to imagine the best or the worst for these three now!!! ;-)
Rating:  8/10

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Sednah said...

I never got into Eat Pray Love either...but I adored the movie! So, take a chance on it!

The one you just read looks good though!