Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fin d'année 2016

Oh lalala!!!!

The end of the year is coming soon.  I can't wait to be .......... doing nothing! I'll go to bed at the time I want and I'll wake up really late.   I'll be watching series and movies on Netflix and I'll read books that have been lying on the table since this summer.  Of course, I'm going to spend time with  my parents too!!!

This year was a good year. First of all, last winter was quite a good one.  I played indoor golf every two weeks with my friends. That was a lot of fun and I think it helped me keep my swing in shape.   

I also took a lot of pictures. WoW! I just love to go walk around and take pictures. I take pictures of everything...who cares! When I come back home and use the post-treatment program, that's when I decide if the pictures I took are really worth keeping!  In October, I bought myself a new camera... with a 70-200mm-lense which enables me to take great action pictures. This is just so awesome!

During Spring Break in March, I enjoyed a little vacation at Auberge Godefroy.  Aaaaaahhh! What a wonderful way to just "disconnect" with work.   I took advantage of the inside pool and the outdoor spas.  It snowed, so it was kind of magical... by myself!    I also enjoyed reading by the fireplace near the lobby and best of all, I was treated like Queen AJ when I was at the restaurant.  I ate gastronomic meals.... it was just   d-i-v-i-n-e !!!

In the spring, I was contacted by the president of Golf Québec Eastern Townships.  He asked me to be part of the committee with him and be in charge of the ladies' section.  So, starting in May, I contacted all the courses and their captains.  I organized a clinique with Miss Schetagne and golf tournaments during the whole summer.  I was also captain at my hometown golf course, so I organized the season's championship with my friend Raf.  Besides taking care of tournaments, I had a lot of time to play golf with my dad and my friends.   At the end of the summer, Mr.Péloquin, the president of Golf Quebec Eastern Townships, gave me a prize which is Volunteer of the Year.  I was pretty happy about it.  It's nice to have people recognize the work you put in something.

When I started school in September, I was not really ready... as usual.... but once I was in my classroom, planning my classes, the motivation came back.  I met my new students and I have to tell you I had a good feeling about them right from the beginning. So far so good.

Some men from the local hockey club called me to be part of the Turmel again this year.  I accepted.  I'm now taking pictures, writing articles for the media and taking care of the FB page and the website. It's a lot of work, but I really enjoy it.

At the end of November, I participated in La Grande Guignolée with some of my students.  Too bad not many students got into it this year.  It's like they don't have the spirit of "giving to others".  I had a great time doing it with two of my students.

Two weeks ago, my colleagues and I worked for Nez Rouge.  We drove people from their party to their home...safely.  It was a great experience once again.  We worked non-stop all night.  In total, for our 4 groups, we did 44 accompaniments. ouf!  a record for the Montignac gang!

Finally, I've been practicing music with colleagues for the past 2 months.  For the Christmas party this year, we will all perform in front of our colleagues.   It's a new thing this year.  We'll have a 2-hour spotlight for us.  I sing songs with Denis, Jack and Heather.  It should be a fun night.

Finally, I met a great man this summer.  A man who cares a lot about his child. His child loves to come and see the cats. That's how we met. Talk, talk, talk...and he invited me for his son's birthday. Cool!  I like him a lot...(the kid...and him!!!)   He's such a sensitive man.  I really enjoy being with him, because he's so intelligent.  When he explains stuff to me, about the environment or astronomy... I drink his words! hahahaha  No joke, he's such an interesting man.  I can't wait for my friends to meet him.  Will we ever be a "thing"?  I don't know.  It's just too soon to tell...    but I gotta tell you that I love spending time with him.   

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