Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pictures that turn me off

A couple of months ago, I decided to join Tinder.  It's a dating application that I now have on my iPad.  I'm telling's not really interesting, since most men on this app are waiting for a one-night stand.

Anyway, after filling up my profile, I started browsing the pictures.  It's all random. You have the picture of the man, and how many kilometers away he is from you.  Some men write that they are looking for a serious relationship whereas others are looking for sex only.

When you are not interested, you swipe the picture to your left and it says NOPE and if the person attracts your eyes or something, you just swipe to the right and it says LIKE.  If both of us swiped to the right, it "alerts" us that we have a match.

Most men put pictures that are flattering, showing them in an interesting environment, but some others need a little bit more imagination.  Here's a list of pictures that are really not catching my attention:

* I sometimes swipe pictures where the person is taking a picture of himself in the mirror.  That's a NO-NO!!!  That totally turns me off.  

* Another type of picture that really bugs me is a picture of only their animal. Duh! I don't want to date your dog, I wanna see your face man!!! 

* Same thing for the guy who puts a picture of his Harley or his Audi!  That's not what I'm looking for... I gotta a car.  What about your face?

* Can you believe that some men put pictures of them with the car chicks at car shows?  I can't!

* I have to admit that a man who puts a picture of himself with his 2 or 3 children is not something that turns me on.  It's ok to have kids and that you want to show your true personality, but for me... children are a little turn off.  Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but I just don't want any.  

* Finally, I gotta tell you that a man who puts a picture of himself, where you clearly see that his ex was cut off from the picture - O M G   total turn off.

So, that's it for my complaints! hahaha!  I don't think I will ever meet people on this dating app and it's alright. I was just curious to check it out.  I'll try to find my true love on a golf course! 

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