Sunday, August 13, 2017

A One-Way Relationship Sucks

A year ago, I met a man who was mysterious.  I got to know him a little bit.  He's very intelligent and quite interesting when he starts talking about scientific matters.  

He also has a little boy.  His life now revolves only around his little boy... ONLY!  He also admitted that he would not let a woman in his life soon, since he got heart-broken really bad. We had suppers together and we watched movies often this winter. 

Everything was fine.  I was a good ear. Some nights, I would not even talk about myself, I would just listen to him.  But it gets difficult to just listen to the other person's things.  I mean, I'm a very generous person and I like to be there for people, but I think friendship should work both ways. When you're the only person in the friendship who asks about the other person's life, there's definitely something wrong.  

Let me just give you a couple of examples.   One afternoon, he asked me if I was going to the pool.  I  excitedly said yes, but then he asked me if I could take care of his son at the pool.  I stayed more than an hour in the pool.  It was fun, but the thing is, he never thanked me.  Isn't this weird?  Am I normal to think that?  Showing a little bit of gratitude ain't that hard.

Anyway, a week later, he knew that I had a golf tournament for a whole weekend. I even brought him my strawberries because they were going to rot in the fridge. I came back from my tournament, that I won by the way, but he never asked me any news about it.  He never called me, texted me, nor visited me to congratulate me.

If I don't give him any news, he doesn't give any either. So I decided that I wasn't going to make the first steps anymore.  That's enough.  I'm not going to be the girl who always goes after the boy... especially if the boy doesn't give a sh!t. 

Here are two quotes that really fit with my situation:

I'm not sad, I'm not mad either. 
I'm just really disappointed.  
I thought he was genuine.  
He's just so caught up with his son, it's almost unhealthy.  
I'm not gonna get into that, I just find it unfortunate.

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