Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cutie #1 or cutie #2 ?

Alexander Zverev    (photo - Google)
It's weird to watch a tennis match on tv and not be rooting for anyone in particular. I always cheered for Federer before, but this time, at the Rogers Cup final, he was playing against the German player Alexander Zverev.  I gotta tell you that he's quite a player... well, everyone knows now that he won!!!

So, why didn't I cheer for Federer this time?   I don't know... Zverev's got a "je ne sais quoi?" in his look. He's young, has perfect hair and a beautiful smile......... whereas Federer is 36, has a great smile and speaks French.

As you can read, I had a little dilemma for my #1 choice! hahahaha   cutie #1 or cutie #2 ?
Roger Federer  (photo - Google)

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